Left-brain art

So I’m sure many of you have already seen the very beautiful visual representation of how the left brain works and how the right brain works (and what I didn’t know was a Mercedes Benz ad–bravo to them, by the way).

The dry left and the colorful right.

Most of you were probably already aware of the general notion of the left-brain types being the analytical and logic-motivated types of people–the math brains.  Leaving the fun and very creative Art world to the right-brain set.  Maybe that’s why I’ve always felt like I’m not any good at creating.  Very early on in life I exhibited left-brain tendencies and was immediately placed in that camp.  People (see: Mother) have since told me I have my own type of creativity, but I never really bought that.  What I do?  It’s math, it’s patterns and geometry, it’s repetitive and specific; it does not draw out of emptiness or blankness the thing that the a lump of clay or canvas and paint already is.

My Eye© by Gabriel Serafini

“Compared to this what I do is liken unto paint-by-numbers,” I thought.  To tell the truth, I also never “got” most art, so how could I create it?  And, so, not until a short while ago, when I started dating a VERY right-brain artsy kind of guy, did I realize, “I really AM creative!”  My math brain just makes it look different than the capitalized type of art you go to see in museums and galleries and chichi coffee shops and wine bars.  The art I create is a visual representation of what is inside my math equations brain.  It is the soft and colorful edges of my sharp analytical mind.  It comes from the same place and emotion and amount and space of love that right-brain folks create from, it simply looks very left. 🙂

I promise there is no more meaning than its geometry

I construct art, I do not create it.

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