What time is it?

It’s time to get crafty!

I think one of the reasons I have been a little slow to craft this week is because all of my initial ideas from last week were put on hold. ¬†Plus, my boyfriend’s apartment is too small for all my ideas all at once. ūüôā

This past week I have spent a large amount of my time researching different items I need to complete my crafting “whims”. ¬†I suppose hours of research on supplies might seem to take some of the whimsy out of it, but that work actually appeals very much to my left-brain paths and programming. ¬†Being organized before I get messy makes me feel more comfortable with the idea of getting things done. ¬†It helps me approach my failures—because there have already been some, hence the need for research and more supplies—with a feeling of exploration instead of mistaken or misused time.

Part of my research has led me to realize that what I want, and what I can get are probably going to be very different things. ¬†As an example: ¬†I’m looking for a closing agent—something that acts like the peel and stick strips that come on mailing envelopes. ¬†I researched double-stick tape, but none of those seemed to have a backing that you could stick one side down and then preserve the other side for later use (the peel later part). ¬†I came across bonding tapes, transfer tapes, mounting tapes (no jokes, please); fabric, rubber, or acrylic tapes; tapes with permanent hold, or ones that were repositionable; tapes for low surface energy or high surface energy (LSE/HSE) materials, ultra or very high bond (UHB/VHB) double-coated tapes; and, yet, I am no closer to finding something that works for my needs. ¬†Well, I did find one thing by 3M, but the only place I can find to buy it sells it in 1000 yard rolls in case packs of 12. ¬†Ummmm, I don’t need to cover my house in it.

Amazon did me a few things good, and those are all on the way. ¬†Christmas gift cards from friends and Birthday gift cards from family make shopping there a lot more fun. ¬†Delivery estimates say, Wednesday, March 28. ¬†Until then it’s simply self-healing cutting mat wishes and¬†pink X-acto knife dreams.

The source of inspiration

Last week, I was on a roll. ¬†I was coding, I was writing, I was crafting–I was getting shit done! ¬†Now……not so much. ¬†Today I’m finding it difficult to really get motivated. ¬†I’ve combed over some of the information that I needed to get through. ¬†(I.e. I pared down my bookmarked list of possible jobs from ~150 to ~30.) ¬†I took a nice long walk. ¬†(To do: Exercise. Check!) ¬†But what happened to that fire?! ¬†That passion?! ¬†That drive to get those other things on my list DONE?!

inspiration¬†| insp…ôňąrńĀSH…ôn | noun | 1 – the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, esp. to do something creative

Lists vs Flow

Again, I’m going to blame it on my left-brain-ness. ¬†That “something creative” part is the hard part for my brain to recognize. ¬†I have my checklists and my boxes and arrows drawing out the Visio map for today; I just don’t see the creativeness in it—I don’t find it inspiring.

My accomplishments and productiveness today are nothing to sniff at, but I need to find something that motivates my crafty side.  Where does a left-brain find inspiration?  Where do you find inspiration?

Left-brain art

So I’m sure many of you have already seen the very beautiful visual representation of how the left brain works and how the right brain works (and what I didn’t know was a Mercedes Benz ad–bravo to them, by the way).

The dry left and the colorful right.

Most of you were probably already aware of the general notion of the left-brain types being the analytical and logic-motivated types of people–the math brains. ¬†Leaving the fun and very creative Art world to the right-brain set. ¬†Maybe that’s why I’ve always felt like I’m not any good at creating. ¬†Very early on in life I exhibited left-brain tendencies and was immediately placed in that camp. ¬†People (see: Mother) have since told me I have my own type of creativity, but I never really bought that. ¬†What I do? ¬†It’s math, it’s patterns and geometry, it’s repetitive and specific; it does not draw out of emptiness or blankness the thing that the a lump of clay or canvas and paint already is.

My Eye© by Gabriel Serafini

“Compared to this what I do is liken unto paint-by-numbers,” I thought. ¬†To tell the truth, I also never “got” most art, so how could I create it? ¬†And, so, not until a short while ago, when I started dating a VERY right-brain artsy kind of guy, did I realize, “I really AM creative!” ¬†My math brain just makes it look different than the capitalized type of art you go to see in museums and galleries and chichi coffee shops and wine bars. ¬†The art I create is a visual representation of what is inside my math equations brain. ¬†It is the soft and colorful edges of my sharp analytical mind. ¬†It comes from the same place and emotion and amount and space of love that right-brain folks create from, it simply looks very left. ūüôā

I promise there is no more meaning than its geometry

I construct art, I do not create it.

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