Too busy?

Alright, so I’ve been really bad at keeping my thoughts updated and organized (and published here).  I, like probably many people, am going to make the excuse that I have been too busy.  And while that does hold some weight because life does get busy, and we often take on too much to be able to actually get it all done, we all choose the things that are most important to us to spend our “free” time doing.  And while I have been taking on some quite important tasks, I feel like this here is something that I need to find the time to do.

This chronicling, while not for fame or fashion, is a wonderful way to do exactly what I first stated I was neglecting–getting my thoughts organized, focused, current, and concentrating on what is important.  It’s also a great way to keep myself accountable.  Though I haven’t done a great job of keeping up with all my personal homework assignments, I am going to lay them out again.  For me and anyone else to see:

  1. Get fit – for sailing, for self, for skinny jeans…
  2. Run, bike, hike, camp, SAIL
  3. Therapy – of all sorts

Someone told me once you should write down your top to-do items.  Never keep more than 3-5 items on the top list, and don’t worry about the rest of the things to do.  You only lose focus on the whole list if you don’t stay focused on the top items.  And, really, when do you not have real top 3 items that you HAVE to get done.  It’s like laundry–there’s always some you could be doing, but when you’re down to your last pair of skivvies that task shoots straight to the top of the list, now doesn’t it?

So there’s my top list overall in life.  My daily list is always different, but those are my top 3 things to get done this year.  I have specifically taken steps to make sure I stay on this path.  We have the California State Golden Poppy Day Pass, running shoe shopping is constantly at the top of the daily list (until it gets done), and vacation is already requested for some camping dates and sailing dates.  2014 here I come!  (Starting out sort of organized.)

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