I hate new things

It’s true, it doesn’t seem very flexible of me–very mutable–considering I’m supposed to be an adaptable person.  But I’m also very much a creature of comfort.  Shake up my cage too much, invite too many visitors to my private little zoo, and I become the angry bear someone woke up out of its den two months too early . . . . . . .  and with no food around.

I smell meat!

Never wake a sleeping bear

And yet I find myself, for the second time in 2 short years, trying something new.  Looking; desperately searching; hoping and waiting; excitedly exploring(?) for the next thing that’s going to get me through this so called life.  I’m trying geekery at the moment.  I’ll let you know how that goes.  Perhaps, it will turn me into more of the cute, stuffed type of bear.  The ones people like to cuddle up with on frosty mornings with cocoa and….mmmmm, now I’m hungry!

I didn't fart...!

Did someone say food?


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